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We are delighted to launch our popular ‘Feed Hygiene for Animal Feed Manufacturers’ course as an e-learning programme. This course is designed primarily for production operators and engineers, teaching the basics of feed contaminants and the importance of good hygiene practices in animal feed production. The course will also be of interest to other employees, such as quality personnel and managers, teaching the requirements of legislation and assurance schemes, and giving a practical explanation of the measures required to make safe feed.

The course explains why hygiene is important, and the consequences of poor hygiene in animal feed production. Cross contamination, poor personal hygiene and failures in good practice can lead to severe feed and food safety outbreaks, which affects not just one business, but the entire feed industry and food supply chain. Training of personnel is a requirement of feed hygiene regulations and feed assurance schemes, and this course will provide practical training to operators and engineers carrying out the day-to-day manufacturing operations.

Find out more about this course HERE