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Apheya FAQ’s

What does 'Apheya' mean?

Aphaea is the greek goddess associated with fertility and the agricultural cycle. As animal nutritionists, our role is to support businesses to maintain the health of their animals, and to produce safe animal products to feed the world. Aphaea is on our team (though we changed it slightly to make it easier to spell!)

Why do we need a RSPH HACCP qualification?

Feed legislation requires all businesses (except some farmers) to manage the safety of their animal feeds, including pet foods, though a recognised HACCP system. Obtaining a recognised qualification with Apheya demonstrates your commitment to achieving feed safety, and can support your due diligence defence should something go wrong. Retailers are asking for feed businesses in their supply chain to train staff members to Level 3 HACCP, to ensure their feed safety management systems are robust and effective.

We are a food business - can we sell our products as pet food ingredients?

Food does not mean feed – there are different regulations for animal feed. For example, many food additives, such as colourants and probiotics, are not permitted to be fed to animals. Getting it wrong may result in harm to the animals, and prosecution. Our role at Apheya is to guide feed manufacturers to produce safe and compliant feed for food producing animals and pets

What sort of careers are available in animal nutrition?

Animal Nutrition is the best job in the world! You will work alongside farmers, vets and other nutritionists to ensure that resources are used efficiently to produce high quality meat, milk and eggs, Or, you’ll work in the pet food industry to develop products for pets that maintain health, welfare in a modern world. You’ll be a member of a worldwide team, sharing knowledge, experience and continuously learning and developing your skills. You’ll need a degree in animal nutrition, animal science or a similar discipline, with many opportunities to study at MSc and PhD level.

What about sustainability?

As nutritionists and farmers, producing nutritious food sustainably and efficiently from the world’s resources is our job, and has been since the farming revolution! Production of locally produced animal products, maximising use of feed from forage, co-products and technology means we are prepared for a growing population, ensuring food security, and producing healthy, safe tasty products for humans and pets. Our industry leads the way in sustainability and managing the world’s resources sustainably!

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