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Key Features of Apheya’s  Services:

  • Global Recognition: Achieve international recognition with certification, enhancing your credibility in the global market.
  • Comprehensive Guidance: Benefit from clear guidance and recommendations tailored to the entire food chain, ensuring thorough compliance with standards.
  • Widely Acknowledged Standard: FSSC22000 and GMP+FSA certification establishes your commitment to feed safety management management, providing a solid basis for sustainable development initiatives.
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International Feed Safety Management System Certifications

Apheya is your partner in achieving and maintaining excellence in Feed Safety and Quality Management Systems.

FSSC22000 is a GFSI approved certification of management systems, based on the principles of ISO22000, recognised Pre-requisite Programmes and the requirements of the FSSC Foundation. With its  focus on continual improvement, striving for excellence and international recognition, we are seeing an increase in feed businesses, particularly pet food businesses, working towards this certification.

GMP+FSA is an internationally recognised  feed safety management system, with a similar structure to FSSC22000, making it a compatible certification for those businesses involved in the manufacture of both food and feed.

Both certifications ensure robust HACCP systems are integrally managed withing businesses, to ensure feed safety throughout the feed and food chain