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Navigating Authorisations with Expertise

  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from the expertise of Anna Shields, our Technical Director, throughout the authorisation and re-authorisation processes.
  • Comprehensive Support: Receive end-to-end support, from explaining requirements to preparing dossiers for submission to EFSA and FSA/FSS.
  • Literature Search Expertise: Ensure compliance with the latest EFSA guidelines for literature searches, critical assessments, and analyses.
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Apheya Feed Additive Services

Authorisation with FSA/FSS and EFSA are required for any feed additive to be used in animal feed in GB and EU. The authorisation process can be complicated – our expert Anna Shields can support your business through the authorisation and reauthorisation process

Feed Additive Authorisation:

Feed Additives are products which have been authorised for use in feed to perform a particular function. An additive which is authorised for use in food may not be suitable for use in feed, unless also authorised as a feed additive. Feed additives should be labelled correctly, and claims must be authorised before they can be used

Re-authorisation Support:

For our current customers and new applicants, we eagerly look forward to assisting in the authorisation and  re-authorisation process. Contact Anna Shields for an initial discussion on how we can support you through the authorisation journey.

Literature Search:

Post the publication of Reg 2019/1381, a professional literature search is mandatory for businesses seeking authorisation or re-authorisation of feed additives. Our Technical Director, Anna Shields, is well-equipped to support you in conducting this literature search, critical assessment, and analysis, ensuring compliance with updated EFSA journal guidelines and FSA/FSS requirements.