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Dust Explosion and Fire Safety Course : Preston, 10th March.

Milling Technology Services is running a one day course designed for all mill/factory personnel.

The objective of the course is to make people aware of the risks that could lead to a dust explosion through case studies, there will also be live fire extinguisher demonstrations. To inform of all the preventative measures that will reduce the risk of a dust explosion taking place and to minimise the damage and deal effectively if one was to happen. It highlights the areas of fire risk in a mill and identifies improvements that could be made in plant design and procedures.

Delegates will also learn about fire safety procedures, different types of fires, ie oil, wood, electrical etc, and the different classes of fire extinguishers.

You can download full course details below or contact Paul Quinn on or call 07486354356 

Dust Explosion & Fire Safety Awareness CoursePDF