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Exciting news…product testing for our new oregano oil based herbal drench is about to begin thanks to Gordon and Hazel Davis of Westcott Farm, Devon and their herd of pedigree Rivermead Jerseys.

Herbaboost is a single application syringe, designed to supply key ingredients to promote the health of new-born calves. A 40ml dose will supply oregano oil for gut health, propylene glycol and B Vitamins required by young calves pre-weaning.

High levels of oocytes are the leading causes in a range of diseases in calves including coccidiosis and cryptosporidiosis and in both cases, it can be 4-7 weeks before calves show any clinical signs of each disease. Good calf management and an effective drenching programme is key to combating both diseases.

It costs more to treat an animal that is infected than it does to prevent the disease in the first place. The cost of veterinary visits and treatments for secondary infections such as pneumonia can be considerable. Additionally, later treatment may not be as effective as the available coccidiostats are not as effective on the latter stages of the coccidia as they are on the younger forms. Therefore, the maxim of ‘prevention being better than a cure’ holds well with coccidiosis.Cryptosporidiosis currently has no vaccines available and treatment options are limited. The key to combating and reducing on farm incidences of both diseases is good calf management and a roust preventative action plan.  

Oregano Oil, the key active ingredient in Herbaboost has been shown to lower the oocyst counts of animals challenged by internal protozoa infestation, the key to reducing incidents of both diseases. This has the positive effects of increased liveweight gain, higher feed intake, and improved feed conversion rates. Administration of this drench to a new-born dairy calf ensures that the young animal receives a large dose of oregano oil, as an aid in maintaining gut health, a dose of instantly available energy, and a complement of B Vitamins to aid in energy metabolism.
Coccidiosis is said to be one of the most critical intestinal diseases to affect the cattle industry, due to its deleterious effect on farm incomes. In most cases, before any symptoms are visible, damage from the disease has already occurred. Animals will achieve lower than expected weight gains and their overall performance will not be as expected; damaging overall herd profitability. There has been little research into the financial effects of sub-clinical coccidiosis, but this could be considerable with the reduced weight gains and poor condition.

If you would like more information on the drench, or would like to take part in a product test, please contact Victoria Phillips or Ryan Adams for more information on 01207 266330